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FAQs Relate to POP 4

Q1. What is Plaster of Paris?
Q2. What is the history of Plaster of Paris?
Q3. What are the uses of Plaster of Paris?
Q4. How Plaster of Paris is made? /What is Chemical formula for Plaster of Paris?
Q5. What is Plaster of Paris and water ratio?                                  
Q6. What is chemical reaction between Plaster of Paris and water?
Q7. What are latest Plaster of Paris designs?
Q8. What is Plaster of Paris price in India?
Q9.What are the qualities of Plaster of Paris?
Q10. What are the latest Plaster of Paris roof designs?
Q11. What are the health and safety instructions while using plaster of Paris?
Q12.What is the ideal time for setting of plaster of paris?
Q13.What is the ideal thickness of Plaster of Paris at wall?
Q14. What are the features of best quality Plaster of Paris?


FAQs Relate to Wall Putty 4

Q1. What is WALLCRAFT Wall Putty?
Q2.What is the area covered by WALL CRAFT Wall Putty?
Q3. Why primer is not essential before painting when WALL CRAFT Wall Putty is being used on the wall?
Q4. After how much period of application of WALL CRAFT wall putty, can paint be applied on the wall?
Q5. What is the method of preparation of surface for application of WALL CRAFT wall putty when the wall is showing signs of salt deposition?
Q6. What is the pot life of the WALL CRAFT wall putty?
Q7. What is the content of water required for making paste of WALL CRAFT Wall Putty?
Q8. Within how much period WALL CRAFT Wall Putty mix can be used after mixing of water?
Q9. What precautions should be taken during the course of application of WALL CRAFT wall putty?















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