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Applications of Plaster of Paris 4

Plaster of Paris is a sculpting material with a variety of decorative and practical applications. This is inexpensive and quick to mix. You can use it to make castings, molds, sculptures and home décor objects. Bead, stones and other embellishments can be impressed into the plaster during the damp phase and even very fine detail can be recorded. A plaster of Paris piece is delicate enough to chip and is not waterproof, so choose a project that will be kept on a shelf or other safe place.


Plaster of paris is being widely used to make decorative castings to be further used in embellishments, jewelry charms and pendants. Use of Plaster of paris in embellishments, jewelry charms and pendants is very easy. Take a plastic mould and apply a generous coating of a release agent to the mold before pouring the mixed plaster. Release agent can be in the formof petroleum jelly or nonstick cooking spray. Non use of the release agent will make it difficult to extract out the material from the plastic mould. The plaster of paris should be allowed to be there in the mould for at least one hour. After removal from the mould, trim away any excess material from around the edges. Allow the cast piece to dry for at least 24 hours before decorating it.


Plaster of paris is used to make sculptures also. Examples of decorative items are planters and masks. Common household objects -- such as a bowl or a coffee can -- may be used as a mold. To make a planter, coat the inside of a large bowl and the outside of a smaller bowl with a release agent. Mix and pour the plaster of Paris into the larger bowl. Insert thin dowels that are also coated with a release agent into the center of the wet plaster to create water outlets for the plants. Place the smaller bowl on top of the plaster in the larger bowl. Let the plaster set up for an hour, and then remove the molds and the dowels. After 24 hours, decorate the planter as you like.



Applications of Wall Putty 4

»  Finishing and decoration of interior and exterior walls.

    »  It can be applied both on new and old (already painted) walls (after removing the existing paint and base coat)
    »  It can ideally be used in homes, offices, bungalows, outhouses, farmhouses, stadiums, shopping malls, technology parks, educational institutes
       airports, railway stations, theatres, exhibition halls, flyover walls etc.











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